Pricing Tables

Pricing is based on the requested services and the amount of work required. If you require a custom solution it is best that we speak in order for us to get a good understanding of the solution and the price for said solution.
We have created a few started packages that are economical but are a perfect fit for a company that wishes to establish a local web presence. These packages can help you get started.

Package "Local Tactics Starter Pack"

  • Web Hosting
  • Web Pages
  • Domain Registration
  • Email Management
  • Maintenance Work
  • Search Engine Registration
  • Search Engine LocalRegistration
  • *Setup Fee

Local Business StarterOur Best-Selling Plan

$2999per month
  • Two Web Page Site
  • 5 accounts
  • Half an hour
  • From $250

Local BusinessBigger Site

$3999per month
  • Three Web Page Site
  • 15 accounts
  • One hour
  • From $300
* Setup price will very depending on the number of images used on site (we may need to pay for images used on your site if not provide by you) and required functionality of site. Please contact us for more information!
** Maintenance Services exceeding the time included in the package will be charged at the standard rate of $65 per hour
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