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Tactical Web Solutions

Providing local businesses solutions for web technology issues

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We have over 12 years of programming experience
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Web Technologies

We have knoweledge of various web technologies and the learning hasn't stopped

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We help you brand your business online and help with local campaigns
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A delicious taco full of technology!

Tech Tacticians is here to provide a strategy for your business' web solution needs

We are a small local company in Ventura County and are very proud to serve the local community

Web Sites

We provide custom designed and semi-custom web sites. Providing semi-custom sites allows us to provide economical pricing. There is no economic reason not to have a website!

Web Hosting

We have our own web hosting service and can therfore hoste your site. Each hosted site also comes with email and much more!

Web Maintenance

We provide monthly website maintenance at a very economic price! Or you can pay as a service is needed.

Responsive Layouts

Potential clients are no longer just using computers to view websites. Many different devices can now be used to surf the internet and to view your site. A website must now be properly designed in order to be responsive to the screen size in which it is being viewed. If the website is not responsive it may lose functionality or it may not properly render.

Our websites are designed so that they are responsive. Current trends show a rise in the use of phones and other mobile media to search for local services. It is imperative that a potential or returning client be able to view your services on any device.

Local Online Promotion

Since local customers will now be able to view your responsive site, it is important to register your business and website with the local products offered by the big search engine companies. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing will display local companies in a local search result. At times a local company is displayed with no intervention by the owner, but more often than not, a company or service is not displayed.
A few days after registration, a person using a phone to search for your local service may now see your business in a local business search result. Don't forget, your site is responsive and therefore will display properly on the phone!

We will help you claim your business advertisement or register your business and website with the search engine companies.

Website Maintenance

Your business is now being promoted by a responsive website and clients are seeing it via local search results. Now what? You need to be able to update your website. What if you want to change the layout? What if you have a sale? Change your business hours? Offer a new service? Have a new phone number? Need more email addresses? Want to modify your website for search optimization (SEO) purposes (More on this later)? What if there is a technical issue?

We offer maintenance service that is charged on a monthly basis in order to help you save money when an issue needs a resolution. Each maintenance package will differ based on the needs of the company but these are some of the services offered in a maintenance package.

  • Email Management
  • Registration/renewal of your business domain
  • Website text modifications
  • Website layout modifications
  • Resolution of technical problems
  • Custom requests
  • Creating/adding new pages


Do you want to know how many unique vists your website is receiving? Do you want to know how many visitors are using mobile devices versus a standard computer? Do you want to know what search terms are getting people to your site? This is where google analytics and bing webmaster tools can help.

We can setup accounts with google and bing in order to enable this service. We can also take the necessary steps on your website in order to enable the tracking of this information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you wondered why some websites are displayed on the first page of a google search and not the Nth? Welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimazation (SEO). SEO is the process of implementing various strategies in order to attempt to move your website higher in a search result. Many variables factor into the ranking of a website and no one (except perhaps employees at search engine companies) knows the exact formula. SEO can be long term process that can take months to see targeted results.

We offer SEO services and can work with you to implement an SEO strategy.

Internet Phone

Phone Number Forwarding

Do you want to know what advertising campaign is getting the most calls? Suppose you have a single phone number that you use for every advertisment that you create (phone book, flyer A, flyer B, business card, etc..). How do you know which advertisement is bringing in the calls? The answer is you don't, because they all share the same phone number. You need a seperate number for each advertisement in order to know which is the most popular. Having several number can be very expensive and that is why we offer an internet phone service.

We can setup a very economical internet phone service for your company that will allow you to obtain new phone numbers for each of your advertisements. When a call is made to the internet phone number that call will be forward to your usual business phone number. Each call is logged and therefore you will be able to see what phone number and advertisement is most popular.

If you require more specialized phone and sms services please ask! We are Tech Tacticans! We can provide you with the solutions that your business requires.

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